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Cher Ami

 “Cher Ami”  As Father Time marches on, we tend to lose stories that fade in our collective memories. Sometimes we repeat mistakes because we forgot why we don’t do something a certain way. For organizations, that is called “institutional knowledge” and remembering the past can save any entity an incalculable amount of damage. Sometimes simply …

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“Don’t!” Have you ever visited the Capitol of the United States? It’s an impressive monument that serves as a temple to democracy. The rotunda of the great complex is topped with a statue named “Freedom.” It sits so high that passersby can’t really see its details. The construction and extension of the building was started …

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The Real Cost of Loss

My grandson and I were recently conducting research on our family’s role in the Civil War. As it turns out, our ancestors fought on the side of their home state: Mississippi. They were early pioneers of Mississippi having entered America through Charleston in the 1600’s and then moved gradually westward. My sister’s genealogical research revealed …

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